[Gwent] Interview with a Fleder

More vampires on the menu! I've been struggling a bit for a variety of reasons, and the tilt started to get to me at points. Still, we were able to scratch out some wins on a recent Gwent Twitch stream. Let's jump in!

[Gwent] Fleders on Parade

The bloodsuckers are back! A new, more Fleder focused build was posted over on Team Leviathan so I wanted to take it for a spin. Here are some of the highlights from the Twitch stream. Let's jump in!

[Gwent] Adventures with Vampires

Today we have some games from a recent Gwent stream where I was trying out a vampire build. Unfortunately I was missing a couple of cards but it is merely 2 cards short of the Team leviathan vamp list. Let's jump in!

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