[Phobies] Stream Highlights 115 viewer games

https://youtu.be/xBZX1tU8MdA #contentAffiliate Welcome back everyone! We have traps and we phobie-nappers. The anniversary patch is already leaving a massive impression. Let's jump in! Thanks for coming by, and Black Lives Matter. 00:00:00 Start00:00:22 Intro00:01:52 Content Affiliate Disclaimer00:02:24 kratosss00:12:04 Sgrunkly00:26:38 Redwick00:35:54 Fratute00:46:53 NekoKawaii01:01:42 Mushry01:12:12 DarkSoul101:25:01 TCT123401:40:31 SilverK01:47:45 Renamon01:52:11 masterdarksh02:00:43 Urkevina02:14:31 BigSheeMK8702:23:34 Closing Check out Random('s) Thoughts... Continue Reading →

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