Random(‘s) Thoughts Episode 49

Random('s) Thoughts Episode 49 Episode 49 Video   Husband and wife delve with excitement into the beginning of Lightseekers spoiler season! With the first seven cards revealed of the new set, they ask the serious questions, like why does a cooked kreebal look like a chicken?

Random(‘s) Thoughts Episode 46

Random('s) Thoughts Episode 47 Husband and wife have an announcement about Random('s) Thoughts. They discuss the frigid cold in the Midwest, and discuss a recent WoWTcg event that took place in Indiana. Then they get to meet with the winner of the Indianapolis event, Patrick Broadway!  

Random(‘s) Thoughts Episode 46

Random('s) Thoughts Episode 46   Husband and Wife sit down with Woodrow to discuss his exciting new project: https://www.wowtcgreborn.com/ This project brings many new events to the WoWTCG calendar, focuses on varying formats, and has exciting new content for the wowtcg. Husband, Wife, and Woodrow also come to the conclusion that they are indeed old.

Random(‘s) Thoughts Episode 44

Episode 44 Husband and Wife sit down with Logan of retrowowtcg.com. They discuss the relaunch of the website, the upcoming fan made set, and the incredible Feast of Winter Veil 2019 Retro WoW League. They also discuss nature's most terrifying occurrence: tornadoes.

Random(‘s) Thoughts Episode 43

Random('s) Thoughts Episode 43 Husband and wife keep that well known Thanksgiving tradition of contention alive. Once they finally digest their turkey, the get into a debate over bans. Taking notes from Facebook, and their own personal testing, they discuss some potential cards up for the chopping block.

Random(‘s) Thoughts Episode 42

Random('s) Thoughts Episode 42 Husband and Wife continue the Halloween Theme with the other half of the spooky scary heroes: Demons! Coming off the discussion of the biggest baddest hero around (Tyrus) They tackle the ever present question: Can Imp Lord Prinprick actually work? Are golden demons enough to scare your opponent? Does Halloween really... Continue Reading →

Random(‘s) Thoughts Episode 39

Random(‘s) Thoughts Episode 39 Husband and wife sit down a rehash the gaming year, and discuss what is to come. From new WoWtcg events, the expansion of the Random('s) Thoughts universe into video, to game changing Harry Potter TCG rules, and TWO new games. One being the Transformers TCG and the other being Lightseekers! Husband... Continue Reading →

Monk Set Review: Abilities Part I

Greetings, wanderers! For our next couple of topical discussions - we'll break in-between for deck techs - we're going to take a look at the Mists of Pandaria "set" created by the guys over at the Retro WoW TCG Facebook. I put set in quotations because their Mists of Pandaria cards aren't quite a full... Continue Reading →

Random(‘s) Thoughts Episode 38

Random('s) Thoughts Episode 38   Husband and wife meet up with Logan, the organizing force behind the retrowowtcg group and Gen Con events, and Nathan Cole the runner up at the GenCon 2018 WoWTCG championship.  

Random(‘s) Thoughts Episode 37

Random('s) Thoughts Episode 37 Husband and wife sit down with two power houses of Harry Potterdom. Brittany the two time champion of the Harry Potter TCG World Championships at GenCon and Stefan the driving force behind the Harry Potter TCG Revival, event coordinator, and reason the base set costs so much on eBay. They discuss... Continue Reading →

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