Always [Marvel Snap] never retreat

A number of people were asking me to stream Marvel Snap. This was my first foray streaming it but not my initial impression. There are a few games in here as well as much longer discussions about Snap as a whole. Let's jump in!

[Dragon Evo] Early Access Playthrough

I was graciously gifted an early access key by the developers of a new game: Dragon Evo. I was able to play around a bit prior to the EA release, but here's my first stream foray into the game. We even had one of the devs hanging out in chat helping answer questions. There's a lot to digest so feel free to use the chapters. Let's jump in!

Runestrike Archetype Definitions

Archetypes are one of those strange things. Just about everyone seems to know what you mean and at first everybody is on the same page. However if you've ever participated in any card game conversation you'll probably have discovered the Dr. Cox phenomenon. It's a running meme for me on twitter Over the years I've... Continue Reading →

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