Other Decklists

Just some other decklists for reference
Please keep in mind in most cases these are works in progress and not necessarily indicative of competitive decks!

Deathseer Zuk’raj

Master Heroes (2)
2 The Lich King

Abilities (23)
3 Starshot
4 Innervate
4 The Natural Order
4 Cyclone
4 Hurricane
4 Hibernate

Equipment (7)
3 Calamity’s Grasp
4 Voice of Reason

Allies (12)
4 Anub’arak, The Traitor King
4 Gardos Gravefang
4 Krax Gravesteel

Locations (4)
4 Eye of the Storm

Quests (12)
4 Darkness Calling
4 A Question of Gluttony
4 Proving Grounds

Askalti Darksteel

Master Heroes (2)
2 The Lich King

Allies (18)
4 Krax Gravesteel
4 Hesriana
4 Gardos Gravefang
2 Anub’arak, the Traitor King
4 Daedak the Graveborne

Abilities (8)
4 Drain Soul
4 Banish to the Nether

Equipment (16)
4 Guardian’s Plate Bracers
4 Talisman of the Horde
2 Jin’rohk the Great Apocalypse
2 The Horseman’s Horrific Helm
4 The Last Relic of Argus

Locations (4)
4 Eye of the Storm

Quests (12)
4 A Question of Gluttony
4 Proving Grounds
4 Rise and Be Recognized

Turov the Risen

Allies (6)
2 Anub’arak the Traitor King
4 Daedak the Graveborne

Abilities (31)
4 Frostfire Bolt
4 Meltdown
4 The Taste of Arcana
3 Mana Sapphire
4 Nether Fracture
4 Flame Lance
4 Spell Suppression
4 Blizzard

Equipment (7)
4 Felsteel Whisper Knives
3 Blackout Truncheon

Location (4)
4 Eye of the Storm

Quests (12)
4 A Question of Gluttony
4 The Boon of Alexstrasza
4 The Boon of Remulos

Mythen Of the Wild

Abilities (23)
4x Cyclone
4x Gift of the Earthmother
2x Hibernate
3x The Natural Order
4x Tuskarr Kite
2x Malfurion’s Gift
4x Mark of Restoration

Allies (24)
4x Lady Bancroft
4x Magni, the Mountain King
4x Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest
3x Jarod Shadowsong
3x Night Elf Grovewalker
4x Ashenvale Illusionist
2x Muradin, Bronzebeard Adventurer

Armors (4)
4x Boots of Utter Darkness

Quests (6)
4x Tabards of the Illidari
2x The Overseer’s Shadow

Locations (3)
3x Eye of the Storm

Total cards in deck: 60

Gencon 2017

Emek the Equalizer

Abilities (25)
3x A Taste of Divinity
3x Mental Anguish
4x Mist of Corrosion
4x Oppress
4x Searing Light
4x Tuskarr Kite
3x Mind Shatter

Allies (21)
4x Broderick Langforth
4x Cairne, Earthmother’s Chosen
4x Dethvir the Malignant
4x Holy Guardian
2x Parexia, Herald of the Shadows
3x Anub’arak, The Traitor King

Quests (11)
3x Call to Arms: Arathi Basin
3x Darkness Calling
2x Proving Grounds
3x Rise and Be Recognized

Locations (3)
3x Undercity

Total cards in deck: 60

Side deck:
1x A Taste of Divinity
1x Mental Anguish
1x Parexia, Herald of the Shadows
4x Miniature Voodoo Mask
2x Kahul the Sunseer
1x Anub’arak, The Traitor King

Total cards in sidedeck: 10

Notes: Since DW is a tutor focused deck there are a ton of ways to build the list. There are a number of variable slots that are in flux even within our own list.
Lord Benjamin Tremendouson

4x Bloody Ritual
4x Death Wish
4x Heroic Throw
3x Keys to the Armory
4x Reconstruct
3x Spell Ricochet/Absolute Poise

1x Amani Mask of Death
1x Bonefist Gauntlets
3x Greaves of Ancient Evil
4x Guardian’s Plate Bracers
1x The Horseman’s Horrific Helm
1x Goblin Rocket Launcher
1x Annihilator
2x Fleshwerk Throwing Glaive
2x Hailstorm
1x Jin’rohk, The Great Apocalypse
1x Shuriken of Negation
4x Vindicator’s Brand
1x Wraith Scythe
1x Shadowmourne

3x A Rare Bean
3x Concerted Efforts
4x Darkness Calling

4x Tanks for Everything, Dalaran

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