[Mythgard] August 2022 Balance Patch

Welcome back everyone!

Changes are coming. BIG changes are coming. The world of Mythgard is set for an enormous shift and I spent some time on stream breaking down the updates. Let’s jump in!

Thanks for coming by, and Black Lives Matter.

00:00:00 Start
00:00:26 Intro
00:05:22 Allfather’s Horn
00:10:41 Armageddon Angel
00:13:14 Chort Stag
00:15:44 General Balance Change Thoughts
00:17:34 Circle of Protection
00:19:41 Deported
00:22:07 How to judge the patch
00:24:24 Grand Finale
00:31:02 Harpy-One
00:33:16 Hopeless Necromantic
00:38:23 Iku-Turso
00:42:16 Merciless Koxinga
00:50:52 The Oak of Dodona
00:58:18 Orbital Jamming Satellite
01:01:46 Perfect Grade
01:07:39 Plague Maidens
01:10:31 Sapo, the Devourer
01:13:30 Sea Lord’s Trident
01:19:20 Seven Ring Ritual
01:25:19 Traitorous Murmur
01:27:35 Ved’ma Helicarrier
01:30:18 Wry Trickster
01:33:32 Puzzle Changes
01:33:45 Overall Thoughts
01:36:39 Closing

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