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[Runestrike] Hand Buff Faith 1.0.40

Another Faith build today. This time we are exploring the idea of hand buff in Runestrike. It’s done fairly well out of the gate, maybe there’s something here. Let’s jump in!

[Runestrike] Faith fun police

A comment on my last Runestrike YouTube video asked about playing Faith, so I decided to spend some time on stream trying out a concept I’ve had in mind for a while.

[Runestrike] Keeper A Pile of Good Stuff

Welcome back everyone! Sometimes all it takes is a bunch of good cards. We are taking Keeper for a spin in the new Runestrike meta. Synergy or not, we are making things happen. Let’s jump in! Thanks for coming by, and Black Lives Matter. 00:00:00 Start00:00:25 Intro00:05:02 vs Brienne #100:09:33 vs Salin00:15:01 vs Ramses00:22:17 vs Brienne #200:28:35 vs Keeper00:31:17 vs Dawn00:37:29 vs Crowe00:43:52 vs Morlich00:47:32 Closing Check out Random(‘s) Thoughts here:Twitch ► ► ► ► ► ► #runestrike #cardgame #twitch #playthrough

[Runestrike] Controlling the game with Darlok

Welcome back everyone! It’s been a while since I ran some Darlok. Although this build started in 1.0.38 I wanted to take it for a spin leading up to the 1.0.40 meta. Let’s jump in! Thanks for coming by, and Black Lives Matter. 00:00:00 Start00:00:26 Intro00:07:29 Game 1 Brienne00:18:02 Game 2 Brienne00:28:01 Game 3 Crowe00:37:17 Game 4 Keeper00:43:38 Game 5 Vangelis00:54:35 Game 6 Majus01:03:47 Game 7 Zeacon01:09:20 Closing Check out Random(‘s) Thoughts here:Twitch ► ► ► ► ► ► #runestrike #cardgame #twitch #playthrough

[Runestrike] Patch 1.0.40 Hot Takes

A new balance patch has shaken up the world of Runestrike. There are huge implications, as a result of these changes so I talked about it on stream for a bit. Let’s jump in!

[Runestrike] Woodlands season hot takes

Welcome back everyone! A new Runestrike season is upon us and I spent some time on stream going over each of the cards that are now available in the Woodlands season. Let’s jump in! Thanks for coming by, and Black Lives Matter. Start: (0:00​)00:00:19 Intro00:01:28 Giant Fae00:03:50 Forest Fae00:06:24 Leathersmith00:09:53 Matron of the Woods00:14:19 Nether Pixie00:19:44 Vale Huntress00:23:50 Wandering Huldra00:30:16 Return to the Forest00:34:08 Sacred Glyph00:37:34 Hidden Grotto00:39:16 Overall Thoughts Check out Random(‘s) Thoughts here:Twitch ► ► ► ► ► ► #runestrike #setreview #twitch #livestream #stream #playthrough

[Runestrike] Fortuna

There’s a new bundle available in Runestrike and it features a really cool new card: Fortuna. Let’s jump in!

[Runestrike] Woodlands Preview

Welcome back everyone! We have a fresh hot preview for you from the upcoming Woodlands season in Runestrike! Thanks to the team for giving me this opportunity.

[Runestrike] Tessa Smorgasboard

Back for more Runestrike. This time we tried out a few different Tessa builds and tweaked them throughout the night. These are just a few highlighted games from the stream. Let’s jump in!

[Runestrike] EZ emrys arena

Looking for something to clobber the solo arena with? I have something for you to today that allows you to pew-pew-pew and RAWR your way to wins. Let’s jump in!

[Runestrike] Darkness Pervades

Darkness Pervades in Runestrike. We have our new seasonal cards and I for one an really excited about most of them. I took some time on my live Twitch stream to discuss each card from the new set. Let’s jump in!

[Runestrike] Revisiting Hyperia 1.0.35

Another deck that got a bunch of juice from recent updates. Chat requested that I take a look at a Hyperia build so let’s see what she can do with the addition of Virility Witch. Let’s jump in!

[Runestrike] Patch 1.0.35 Review

The 1.0.35 patch is here and there is an huge number of changes. Took a while to break it all down on stream but here are the early impression hot takes.

Salin Fun police

Welcome back everyone! Today we have some games from a recent @Runestrike stream where I played a bunch of games with the new champion Salin. There are a bunch of other games from that stream so if you enjoy this content let me know. Let’s jump in!

Runestrike Archetype Definitions

Archetypes are one of those strange things. Just about everyone seems to know what you mean and at first everybody is on the same page. However if you’ve ever participated in any card game conversation you’ll probably have discovered the Dr. Cox phenomenon. Over the years I’ve learned to just step away when I begin to recognize the red flags in a conversation. It isn’t uncommon for people to “wait to speak” rather than actually listen (or read) to what is being presented by the other people. It is no longer an exercise trying to uncover knowledge, but instead an…