[Runestrike] Patch 1.0.36 breakdown

Welcome back everyone!

There’s a ton of changes in this patch and many are very significant. I spent some time on my Twitch stream breaking things down so let’s jump in!

Thanks for coming by, and Black Lives Matter.

Start: (0:00​)
Intro: (0:09)
Avenging Angel: (2:42)
Bone Giant: (5:53)
Fallen Fairy: (8:06)
Frost Sprite: (11:15)
Hercules: (14:30)
Island Turtle: (19:01)
Molosser: (22:49)
Nemain: (24:28)
Solaredge Juggler: (27:52)
Undead Crocodile: (30:30)
Aura of Might: (34:45)
By Light’s Grace: (38:31)
Entangle: (41:39)
Ethereal Dagger: (44:04)
Grave Bond: (45:43)
Mana Rot: (47:14)
Pixie Dust: (54:37)
Torment: (57:10)
Surge: (1:01:49)
Curse of Apophis: (1:13:04)
Seismic Rage: (1:15:48)
Sand Storm: (1:18:30)
No Fun Allowed:(1:23:35)
Closing Thoughts: (1:25:04)

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