[Runestrike] Darkness Pervades

Welcome back everyone!

Darkness Pervades in Runestrike. We have our new seasonal cards and I for one an really excited about most of them. I took some time on my live Twitch stream to discuss each card from the new set. Let’s jump in!

Thanks for coming by, and Black Lives Matter.

Start: (0:00​)
Intro: (0:27)
Arctic Stalker: (4:34)
Empusa: (8:59)
Enraged Villager: (16:21)
Guardian of the Brood: (22:04)
Stygian Impressor: (24:46)
Snake Oil Peddler: (30:27)
Standard Bearer: (34:02)
Illuminate: (37:57)
Umbral Vise: (40:44)
Grisly Voidcaller: (44:17)
Imbue: (51:17)
Void Golem: (53:52)
Closing: (1:01:06)

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