[Urtuk] Welcome to Bonk City Episode 1

Welcome back everyone!

You’ve reached Bonk City! We’re playing a new game – Urtuk: the Desolation a turn based tactics game. We’re trying to save Urtuk from his mutation and bonk a few bad guys along the way. This is a long one pulled directly from the live stream so feel free to use the chapters. We even had some extensive card game discussions. Let’s jump in!

Thanks for coming by, and Black Lives Matter.

Start: (0:00)
Intro: (0:17)
Tutorial: (2:47)
Fight 1: (7:04)
Fight 2: (15:09)
Fight 3: (21:37)
Fight 4: (21:37)
Card Games: (32:55)
Back to Urtuk: (42:09)
Fight 5: (42:30)
Sideboarding: (53:57)
Fight 5: (58:56)
Fight 6: (1:08:56)
More card game stuff: (1:15:00)
Return to Urtuk: (1:17:34)
Fight 7: (1:19:56)
Fight 8: (1:33:39)
Fight 9: (1:41:40)
Closing: (1:55:09)

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