[Wonderlands] First hours of Wonderlands

Welcome back everyone!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands recently released and I found myself consumed by it. Consumed enough to finish my offline play though and have another on one stream. Let’s jump in!

Thanks for coming by, and Black Lives Matter.

00:00 Start
00:19 Tutorial
00:21:41 Boss #1
00:25:41 Overworld
00:26:51 Random Encounter
00:30:45 Shrine Quest
00:32:01 Shrine Combat Encounter
00:37:33 Shrine Completion
00:38:04 Mine Dungeon
00:40:26 Back to Overworld
00:41:38 Main Quest
01:18:13 Side Quest
01:21:59 Shattergrave Barrow
01:41:34 Boss #2 and Aftermath
02:05:05 Mine Dungeon #2
02:11:26 Shrine Dungeon
02:39:12 Overworld Encounter
02:45:05 Mine Dungeon #3
02:48:57 Mount Craw

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