[Phobies] Stream Highlights #60 – Good/Bad Phobies & Viewer Challenges


Welcome back everyone!

People love tier lists and labeling which Phobies or plays are good and bad. It’s a tough thing to do and mixed into the usual content I talked a bit about it. Let’s jump in!

Thanks for coming by, and Black Lives Matter.rt

00:00:00 Start
00:00:22 Intro & season end
00:04:25 Content Affiliate Disclaimer
00:04:57 pre-arena game 1
00:05:49 Arena Game 1
00:08:37 Arena Game 1 Aftermath
00:11:31 Viewer Game Breakdown Fratute
00:21:55 Responses to murderwing
00:27:34 1 key tier list
00:35:44 Bad phobies vs niche phobies
00:39:29 Viewer Challenge – Hakunay
01:07:59 Challenge Aftermath
01:10:30 Viewer Game Breakdown Gr8GingrGabe
01:18:54 Phobies lab
01:24:03 alienginner vs macattac
01:40:09 Turrets
01:48:04 Viewer Game Breakdown Stevedouble
01:59:30 Sasquatch
02:13:46 Viewer Game Breakdown Gakuen
02:18:14 Phobies league
02:19:03 Viewer replay continued
02:22:11 Viewer Game Breakdown Aftermath Gakuen
02:22:48 Closing

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