If I have wings, why am I always walking?

Welcome back everyone. At the time of writing this we are just wrapping up the spooky season. Hopefully everyone’s bags are filled to the brim with candy and no spooky scary skeletons impeded your way. That is of course unless you revel in that sort of thing. To each their own. It would seem however, that the ghouls and ghosts that radiate the macabre and vile aren’t quite ready to put their claws into storage until next year. Not just yet.

One, One Spoiler Ah Ah Ah

Oh no, in fact one of the more classic horror entities is well represented in the upcoming set from the Alpha Trion Protocols. Abilities from beyond the grave, endowing their user with supernaturally long life, inhuman powers, and of course the thirst for blood. The concept is represented, at least in spirit (see what I did there?) in our spoiler today. Of course I am speaking of this guy:

Vampires have been stories and monsters for a long time and across the world. Ranging from the dramatic to the absurd, the bloodsuckers have lurked in the shadows as threats to humanity. They’ve spawned their share of heroes and anti-heroes as well which actually somewhat informs our spoiler. It walks a fine line but is somehow intended for use by the “good guys”. Although that sounds like Autobot propaganda if you ask me.

Vampirism is not just an otherworldly and supernatural power bestowed upon those who contract a plague, make a pact with the Devil, or are merely the prey of other existing vampires. It is also a fairly common effect in various games. Many genres include weapons, spells, abilities, or other effects that allow the user to accomplish the two major goals of competitive games. Namely, getting rid of the other person and avoid pushing up daisies yourself. This multi-tasking approach means you are able to push to be the most efficient threat at the table when you sleeve up our preview card. What is it? Well enough teasing. Before everyone morbs, let’s get to it.

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Now THAT is something you can really sink your teeth into. As mentioned earlier it just goes to show that even the good guys can have a batty side. It isn’t unprecedented in Transformers to have a touch of the undead. Terrorcons, sparkeaters, and other horrific monsters have made their presence felt in many different continuities. Cybertronian lore is chock-full of things that go bump in the night. The red team may as well get in on the fun. What’s the catch? Well you just simply need to include some cybertronians with a grayer moral code.

That’s one of the cooler aspects about Hired Assassin. Not only do you get this potentially powerful effect. One which can swing games in a single combat by simultaneously saving your bot from destruction while ensuring the enemy’s eradication. You also get the deckbuilding incentive to explore further the 3rd faction. One that deserves just a bit more time in the light. Even if both the bloodsuckers and the mercenaries may prefer to stay in the shadows.

Some MF are Always Trying to Ice-skate Uphill

So what do you think? Is Hired Assassin going to take a bite out of the meta? Or is it going to be consigned to a crispy extinction as soon as the light touches it? Personally I am looking forward to seeing how this one energizes the mercenary faction. In my experience the mercs had to work just a little too hard to get their payoff. With this addition, they might be able to finally start those parties in the underworld that we keep hearing about.

That is if they they can avoid all those stakes and garlic.

Thank you to the ATP team for the preview!

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