[Duelyst] Stream Highlights part 1 – IT’S BACK!

Duelyst is back! This time from a different set of devs, but I have been excitedly waiting for the return of one of my favorite games of all time. This is part 1 of my first stream, check out the other parts for my thoughts on different aspects of the game. Let's jump in!


Wow, it can be amazing what a week can change. Not all that long ago there were rumblings of a new expansion, and all of the sudden we have previews! In the interest of full disclosure, I personally can’t stand preview season in any game. I would much prefer just a full dump of everything... Continue Reading →

New Day New Patch

Originally this article was going to be a write-up of my efforts early in the month to climb the Duelyst ladder with rocks. A very specific kind of rock: Vetruvian Rocks. However it didn't really go that well. I made it to diamond, which is my goal every month (the rewards for S rank aren't... Continue Reading →

In Space, No One Can Hear You Meme

Welcome back to another installment of Random(‘s) Thoughts about Duelyst! This time around I want to talk about my favorite card. Like probably most people the things I find the most entertaining with playing games rarely fall into te competitive category. That isn’t to say that the competitive builds or cards aren’t fun, but there... Continue Reading →

I can has tactical cards?

Yo dawg, I heard you like card games and tactical games! Well Counterplay Games put tactics in your cards so you can card while you tactic! Welcome to the world of Duelyst friends! Lolwut? Duelyst is a digital card game produced by Counterplay Games. It was originally kickstarted to be something slightly different but has... Continue Reading →

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